Monday, December 5, 2011

Garland review for Janee Lookerse

Christmas tree! We were really good this year and got our Christmas tree up just a couple days after Thanksgiving. I love the lights! I love sitting down on the couch in the morning and watching the twinkling lights on our tree.

I just added some pretty Garland from JaneeLookerse to my tree, I love the cute handmade feel it gives.

This garland came to me in a very nicely put together package from JaneeLookerse. Yep, I love her toys and her Garland! The garland came rolled on a sturdy piece of prepared cardboard, which is so nice because when it comes time to take down the Christmas decor it will be very easy to grab that carboard and roll this stuff right back up for easy and very compact storage. I have two strands of Christmas Garland and they really add that perfect something to the tree and the home.

If someone asked about the garland, I would feel more than comfortable to send them over to Janee's shop. The garland is very well made, is a great price's just the perfect little dainty piece of pretty!

She has lots of other awesome garland too! It's all really are some of my other favorites:

White Pom Pom Garland...I want to add little snowballs to my house : )

To Go Bag Garland....nothing better than purchasing recycled handmade stuff (there is too much stuff in the world already)

Blues and Greens...this garland reminds me of the tail of a kite 

Just in case you missed it here is a link to her shop:  click here