Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mustache Disguise - Printable Template

I'm sure you have been seeing all the mustache stuff around - fun right? I've always wanted to make myself one but just never got around to it..(sigh)

I am excited to say that the mustache jumped its way to the top of my list and I finished them up today. 
Download the printable mustache template here

All you need is.....
*Mustache template
*Some firm craft felt - I got mine at Micheals (they were all out of brown)

Once you've printed the template....cut out the mustache(s) you would like to make and use them as a template to cut another stash out of the firm felt.

You should end up with these ( :

Now just glue (I used hot glue) your stick to the back of them and they are ready for the street test.


  1. I'm SOOOO doing this!!!! I need to have a party :DD

    Thanks Tara, seriously all of your ideas here, are just great! Everyone of them, I want to do!! Thanks so much.


  2. Again, you amaze me with your craftiness! Keep it up!!

  3. You are too funny, baby girl! Only you and your creative mind would think of such awesome things. And yes, keep it up!

  4. Héhé, super! :) Thanks Tara!

  5. oh you are lovely! i want to make moustaches for xmas, and i had already gone out and bought the stiff felt and wooden dowels. i'm not much good at drawing, so i did a search for templates and found your site. thank you so much!!!!

  6. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I love them and just used them for a project. I liked it up here:

  7. Imagine my surprise when I google "free mustache printable" and your blog comes up! LOL. We're using them for Valentines Day! I'll send you a pic when we're done!!!

  8. Greetings. WHere is the template? lol Looks great!

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  10. I'm going to a surprise 40th birthday party that is a mustache theme. I am so happy you posted this now I don't have to drive 45 minutes with a mustache on!

  11. Hello.
    I am going to try this. I was going to buy them through Etsy, but it's hard to get a set that is the items that I want. Plus, this is so easy, right?

    My question is.... Does the felt stay attached well to the stick once people get to picking them up and moving them around? (using hot glue)

    Also, I was planning to use cardstock, and wondering if the paper will stay attached well? Again, using hot glue. Hot glue is kind of brittle, so it wonder if it will just snap off?


  12. Thanks for this! I'm doing a photo booth/props for my wedding and these are perfect!

  13. aww we used this template for my husbands birthday and I just found your cute etsy shop :) They were a lot of fun!

  14. My daughter's school now does non-food birthdays for each birthday boy or girl. These will be a wonderful alternative. Cheers!!!

  15. OMG!!! We are having our 1 year old's birthday party this weekend....of course it is mustache themed....why would it be anything Looking for a cute way to decorate the cupcakes and a cute party favor for the guests!! This is PERFECT!! Thank you!!

  16. Thank you so much for this information! Def a great idea for craft day / Love it!