Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bathroom Snoopers (they like candy too!)

Framed Note says: I hope you've enjoyed your peek through the Medicine Cabinet - Please help yourself to a treat. 

I got this idea while talking to a friend the other day. I was telling her how I'm such a bad snooper and I used to be a TERRIBLE snooper when I was young. I never took anything ( :  I just loved snooping around. When I'm driving around at night I love it when people have their curtains open so that i can see inside their homes as I drive by (too much information? haha) I'm just observing and admiring (or wondering about) the choice of paint color and other wall decor. Anyway..
Then my friend and I started talking about medicine cabinet snooping and she went on to tell me that I had great stuff in my medicine cabinet. haha! SO.....I decided it would be funny to leave my very welcome cabinet snoopers a note (and a treat) that I hope will make them laugh!

The other notes my husband and I came up with are:
If you see something you like, we hope you take this candy instead

Dear Bathroom Inspector, please enjoy a tasty treat while you perform your duties. 

Here is a treat for your mouth so it doesn't get jealous of you being nosey ( :

If your interested you can find the pdf file to download and print these mini notes for a 2 1/2" by 3" photo frame here. 
or you can always make your own ( :

More ideas: my sister in law (Hi Angela!) suggested having a sign-in sheet for the snoopers. haha
I was thinking earlier that it might also be funny to have some cheap little pinback buttons made that say: I'm a snooper or I visited Tara's Medicine would be so funny to see somebody come out of your bathroom wearing a pin! if your interested, I found this etsy seller that makes them: button machine

Snoopers are cool! (but please don't over snoop, that would be bad)