Friday, December 2, 2011

Perfect Alphabet Letters

I've had my eye on this fabric alphabet. I love having the alphabet everywhere for my kids and have you ever seen a prettier set? You should definitely visit the shop here (there is a boy themed alphabet too)

so, I got my hands on some of these! and they are perfect!

Here are mine...

One letter for each of my children. So special! The kids love them and so do I. I'm thinking about making these into Christmas Ornaments but I'm not sure Jordan and Galilee would like that.

I have to add this one too....look at those Squishy Arms!
S is for Samantha

G is for Galilee

S is for Summer

Janee (one little person), is a perfect example of why we should all try our best to buy handmade and support our local artists. 

When you purchase something from a small business artist.....

you get a quality handmade item made with thought, creativity and love.

you almost always feel an instant connection to the artist and you really do care for and love your item far more. It's kinda weird but very true and very fun!

you instantly make two people happy: yourself and the artist.

you are supporting someones dream to do what they love to do...and that feels good!

you get to communicate with the CREATOR of the item and tell them first hand...I LOVE what your doing!

Buying handmade is what your great great Grandma used to do ( : 

Please consider buying handmade...especially this Christmas season. Buying for yourself is only second best to buying gifts for your loved ones. 
and if you happen to stop over at JaneeLookerse, let her know who sent you....that would make me super  happy! 

Here is where you can find her....

Blog  *  Home Shop  *  Toy Shop

and here is the face behind the handmade Alphabet, and her other half. Nice faces!

Thanks Janee...for being awesome, for going after what you want to do, for making awesome stuff and for smiling so pretty in that picture above ( :