Friday, December 9, 2011

Optimistic by Nature - Crochet Designer Interview and Giveaway

Meet Katie!  

Katie here is the name and face behind Optomistic by Nature

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Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I live in norther Norway on the coast. Beautiful nature surrounds my world and inspires me. And hey - we need warm crocheted hats, mittens, scarves and sweaters here! I have a great husband, Oystein and a charming little 1 year old. Oliver is very visible on my blog... he is my main crochet inspiration and model! I work with culture as an administrator and freelance musician and have the worlds best hobby - crocheting.

What inspires you to create? 
I have just started designing patterns and am inspired by just about everything I see. Norway is a country of knitters and it is cold here. We have no shortage of sweaters! Now that I have kick-started my design brain I really can't shut it off - and I don't want to! I have many patterns in my mind waiting to be patiently tested out. I think the whole key to creating is having fun. Creating can't be forced. You have to love it into being : )

Katie's newest crochet pattern: The Ribbed Sock (comes in 7 sizes)

When/how did you learn to crochet?
I seem to remember my grandma teaching me long long ago. I learned to knit when I moved to Norway in 1999 but struggled to finish projects. About a year ago I took up crocheting after my sister in law got into amigurumi. I googled and found Tara's Bird rattle and the rest is history. : ) 

Is there another crochet designer that inspires you?
Tara! I love Mamachee patterns. I especially love the tree and bird rattles - a perfect combination of crochet and nature : ) Also: easy makes me happy, too! That is why I prefer crochet to knitting. I think it is easier.  : ) I hope to one day also have made my mark on the crochet world - that lots of mommy hands work up my patterns and little toddler heads style them!


Thank you Katie! 

Here is my favorite of Katie's designs (the Bonnet Balaclave).....I wish I had the time to try some of her designs...more time, longer days...that's what I think I'd like for Christmas : ) 

If you would like to see all of the Optimistic by Nature designs go here

Bonnet Balaclava in all sizes can sell all the finished items made from Katie's Patterns, she just asks that you please give her credit for the pattern with a link to her etsy shop. 

Thank you Katie for sharing your designs with us! I look forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeves for us!

The GIVEAWAY (5 winners for one free pattern)

1. Starts today
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4. Ends Monday the 12th

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Katie is giving away 1 free pattern to 5 people and all you have to do is go over to either follow Katie's blog or like her facebook (or both!)

Let me know in a comment that you liked or follower OptimisticbyNature and you'll be entered to win. If you wish, please provide me with an e-mail address so we will have an even better chance of getting a hold of you.

This giveaway will run for today, Saturday and Sunday...I'll announce the three winners on Monday (the 12th)