Saturday, June 12, 2010

 This is a work in progress. Everything linked is finished and eventually this whole outline will be linked up. (yahay!)
I've been wanting to start this for a long time and I'm SO excited. I LOVE hearing that I've inspired people to learn how to crochet and now maybe I can help with teaching a bit too!

1.What you'll need to get started
       A. Crochet hooks and other handy tools
              a. crochet hook conversion chart
              b. steel crochet hook conversion chart
       B. Yarn
              a. Types and Characteristics of yarn
              b. Yarn weight chart with recommended hook sizes
              c. Fun ways to recycle - making your own yarn
2. Getting Started
       A. Slip Knot
       B. Foundation Chain
              a. Counting your chains
              b. Where in the foundation ch do I start my first stitch?
              c. Where in the chain stitch do I insert my hook into a foundation chain?
3. Basic Stitches
       A. Chain Stitch
       B. Slip Stitch
       C. Single Crochet
       D. Half-Double Crochet
       E. Double Crochet
       F. Triple (Treble) Crochet
4. Anatomy of a Crochet Stitch
       A. Front post Double Crochet
       B. Back post Double Crochet
       C. Working between Stitches or in spaces
              a. Basic Granny Square
       D. Spike Stitch
5. Decreasing and Increasing
       A. Single Crochet decrease and increase
       B. Half Double Crochet decrease and increase
       C. Double Crochet decrease and increase
6. Working in the round
7. Working in rows
8. Making an oval (working on the opposite side of foundation ch
9. Changing Color
10. Pattern Reading
       A. Abbreviations
       B. Gauge
       C. Parentheses ( )
       D. Brackets [ ]
       E. Asterisks *
       F. Stitch Counts
       G. Fasten (end) off
       H. Weaving in ends