Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dye thee Doilies

I love to crochet so I am drawn to doilies and vintage hankies with those gorgeous crocheted borders. I've never made a doily before and I've never purchased one....until the other day (I got me four little white ones).

white ones?
I thought those little white doilies I bought needed some cheering up so I got me some RIT (fabric dye) at my local craft store (Fred Meyers has RIT too but the craft stores have better color selection I think)

You can read the directions that are printed on the inside of the box if you want to.....I'm really not a directions type girl.
I just put in a little teasponn full of dye in my little bowl and added hot hot hot as my little sink would give me.
I dipped in my little doilies (I love to say the word doily) doily doily doily....

I just spooned my little doily in the hat dye water for under 1 min.

and then I rinsed it under warm water until the water ran clear then I continued to rinse it with cold water.

Now I have a cute little set of four colorful doily coasters

These doilies seemed to have attracted a wee moose