Saturday, June 12, 2010

A. Crochet hooks and other handy tools

A peak inside my crochet bag....I have
 1. An assortment of crochet hooks (my favorite are Susan Bates aluminum hooks) 
2. Yarn needles
3. Ruler(s)
4. Stitch Markers (so useful! especially for beginners)
      No really! These are SO useful, if you have trouble telling which is your first st or where your turning chain is, just slap a stitch marker in the stitches or chains as you work them and when you get back to them you'll know. Takes the guess work out of it...I know how frustrating "guess work" can be when learning how to crochet.
5. Scissors
6. A cute pen (wish I had a pair of cute scissors too)

Definitely make yourself a little crochet bag.
It's so nice to have all your little pieces in one place so that when the need for a relaxing and wonderful crochet session arises everything is in one place and ready to go. Grab your yarn, grab your little crochet bag and your in business!

Crochet Hook Conversion Chart

 Steel Hook Conversion Chart