Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New year 2012!!

Top 5 New Year Resolutions:

#1: Be a better mom, wife and person 
I have a couple ideas on how to go about this....I'll be trying them out

#2: Learn to sew a bit better - I want to make dresses for my girls

#3: Lose 10 lbs and be able to do 10-15 "real" push ups...I want to be strong and fit to keep up with my kids...and one day, my grandkids!

#4: Learn German - I want to go to Germany with my mom and best friend one day. 

#5: More laughing! 

I thought I might start off this new years with a little bit of #5.....

this video makes me so happy and never fails to make me laugh!!

I have high hopes for's going to be a great year!

Make sure to get your smooch on at midnight ( ;