Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Whoa, it's being a crazy new year! 2012 is already rockin it!
Besides being happily busy....we are looking to get a new house (so exciting!). Our family of six has grown out of our 1300 sq ft home. Expansion is in the future and I'm so happy about it. The future is bright.

With this expansion will come space for a mini craft and photography studio for me.

I've decided that I LOVE photography and have been looking into growing a portfolio and possibly a small photography business. Very excited about that. I've been practicing.

Yep, these are the wee beginnings of Tara Murray Photography. If you want to follow along with that then like my facebook page here. I hope you will!

Also, I've been crocheting away and have two new patterns that I haven't shared with you yet.

We have the Sammy Slouch Hat

she's putting a spell on you : ) 


The Mamachee Boots - these boots come in baby size 3-child size 4 and women sizes 2-12

and my favorite part...

This photo and those cables are from Ann of Glamour 4 you. She worked the Mamachee boots up with these cables and allowed me to share her directions on the pattern. So excited about it. Ann is so generous, sweet and a talented crafter and crocheter! 
Find Ann on facebook and etsy

I hope you guys are having a wonderful start to this year!