Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So here's the story....I was kicking through the re-use section of the dump (it was a Monday - the recycle section is always full on Mondays because everybody that had a garage sale that weekend takes the rest of their stuff that didn't sell to thee dump)
Well, I found myself a sad little picture was actually a framed shaddered glass mirror. I forgot to take a photo of it before I disposed of the broken mirror....when you have little ones you don't like keeping that sort around for very long.
Here he is.......
I let the the frame sit around for awhile until I could figure out what I wanted to do with him.
First I decided to paint the little guy white.

Materials you will need to make a photo frame pincushion
*Photo frame - mine had a diameter of about 6"
*fabric, old knit sweat shirt, felt, old embroidered hanky...whatever you want!

I used an old knit sweater that had some really cute embroidery

Lay your victim out and plan your attack - I would suggest cutting more than what you will need (better too much than too little). You can always trim the excess when your finished.

Here's a photo of all the supplies I used

Now put it all together (Layers named from front to back: Picture Frame, Knit sweater fabric, fluff, cardboard backing)
My picture frame had little bendy wire you fold up and down to secure the backing down.

Trim excess and your finished - you may want to glue some of the fabric to the backing for extra secure-age....your choice.
Once I get my craft space all put together I think I'm going to hang this on the wall close by ( :