Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not so Dear.....

The following was written for my own here goes....
(clearing my throat)
I can't remember my life without you....did I ever love you?

I don't mind you in small amounts, but lately (for the past 5 years) you have been annoying, increasingly present, and you make it harder for me to just enjoy life! Please know that I don't blame you, its entirely my fault - I let you into my life and now I want no more of you.

I can't say that you have given me nothing in gave me warmth, cushioned some of the harder falls I've taken in my life, and in a way, encouraged me to exercise and eat healthier...but I think I might hate you.

I wish I could just kick you to the curb and never look back but it's not that simple. I suppose I could save up some money and hire a professional to do away with you but that would be the easy way out - for the weak-minded.

You weigh me down - literally. When I look in the mirror and see you, my head are not wanted.

You are going to be replaced by a stronger, leaner and more desirable partner....that will help instead of hinder and have a more perfect purpose. I will smile more and be more confident when you are gone so this is my letter to are loose and unwanted baggage.

Today I weigh a whole lot but in the near future I will not.

This has been my letter to my fat ( :

Game Plan: Exercise, drink more water, eat less, play with the kids more and get one of these...

This photo is from adlady45 on flickr