Monday, May 31, 2010

CCT Drop Off

Here is the load of stuff I have been working on to drop off at the local baby boutique in town. All I have to do now is tag'em and bad'em. A very sweet lady named Becky owns Cribs, Cradles and Things (CCT)...she is one of the nicest ladies.....I would wish a Becky on any of you that would like to try and sell your goods locally with a shop.
I really like crocheting hats (can't you tell?)
Have you ever tried needle felting on your crocheted fabric? Needle felting looks great on knitted and crocheted work, it works on most yarns..wool (of course) and acrylic (doesn't work so well on cotton) should try it! It's really EASY, lots of really gives that extra cute or wow factor.
I ordered most of my roving from TheRainbowRoom. She has the best wool roving color collections (see photo below) and for a good price too. I got the needles at my local craft store (JoAnn's)...and haven't stopped pocking at stuff since.

If you want to needle felt on a crocheted hat - then all you will need is some wool roving, needle felting neddles, and a thick sponge or piece of foam. This is all you'll ever need to needle felt anything ( :
You'll place the thick sponge/foam on the back side of the fabric you are wanting to felt on and then start pocking the wool roving into the front side of your fabric with your needle until you get what you want....practice makes perfect....and I'm sure you'll be happy you tried it.