Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why so quiet.....

It's another ..."I'm still alive" post. I just don't seem to get to blog as much as I want. Do you want to hear my latest excuses, there pretty good I think.

My kids great grandma! was up for two weeks. I LOVED seeing her!
Here is a four generation photo we took...all of us our first born girls (except for Oma). Another thing that might be of interest is that our birthdays are all within 8 days...kinda weird huh?

My son turned 5 and we gave him his birthday party (so he could "get bigger")
Can't believe he's 5 already...time does fly when your having fun. This little guy is SO much fun!

and my last excuse(s) is I'm 37 wks pregnant (woo hoo, almost done!) and I have to clean up after these two and the smallest one (not photoed)
I can't believe I get to meet and hold my new precious little baby in as little as two weeks! I'm getting anxious!