Monday, June 27, 2011

Ponder and Stitch Bracelet Story

I've featured bracelets from ponder and stitch, I've been reading the ponder and stitch blog for a long time...I don't know how long I've been drooling over her vintage fabric bracelets and now...I GOT ME ONE!


The sweetest part of this story is that this bracelet was a surprise sent to me from Janee of Yellow Bird Yellow Beard

I can't believe how sweet and thoughtful you are Janee! and I hope you know how much I appreciate you and how much I LOVE this's not only just my taste but it's also full of happy energies that remind me of sweet people and encourages me to put extra thought into others....whether it be to buy someone a little something that will brighten their day, go the extra mile, or to just speak more kind and encouraging words. 
You've definitely helped in making my life better and more fun.....thank you!!

The bracelet is so well made and if I get my way, I'll definitely be ordering more. 
I've hardly taken the bracelet off since I received it. Ponder and Stitch does beautiful and perfect work. I highly recommend her bracelets, she just recently added necklaces too so definitely check her shop out.

This bracelet has become one of my favorites. I thought I'd show you guys two of my other favorite bracelets that have special meaning to me as well. 

I got this little bracelet on my honeymoon....7 yrs ago (wah-ho! I still can't believe I've been married that long). The bracelet has taken a beating over the years, all my children have tugged, slobbered and gnawed on it (My husband has had to fix it a couple times). I hope it will live forever!

This bracelet belonged to my best friend's Mother who passed away when I we were both 16. She was the sweetest woman, an amazing mother and she is very very missed. I have nothing but good memories of her and feel honored to be able to wear this beautiful bracelet!

Do any of you have any jewelry or accessories you love that have special memories attached to them?