Friday, August 10, 2012

Crocheting and more crocheting.

I've been crocheting a whole bunch lately. I don't think I've updated this blog with my last two crochet patterns.

Remember the Oma Slippers?

The Oma Slippers were one of the first patterns I designed. The Omas were released back in 2008! and I just now came out with the Little Oma Slippers (weird..but better late than never). The little Oma's come in Little Baby size 3 up to Child size 1. I've not found a slipper that works up faster than these....soooo fast and so easy! The Oma Slippers and the Little Omas are available for purchase on Ravelry and Etsy (Ravelry offers instant download - nice!)

Another New Crochet Pattern: I really love these...

They look knitted don't they? but this a crochet pattern! and a pretty easy one too. This pattern comes in 6 sizes: newborn size 1 to Child size 12 and comes with a little five petal flower pattern and a crochet ball (in two sizes) pattern for embellishing your knit-look crocheted slippers.

I'll probably be coming out with the adult adult sizes in these slippers too. Probably coming soon....probably.

now I'm off to the daily grind.