Thursday, July 12, 2012

crocheting - it doesn't get old.

Sure, crocheting the same thing over and over and over can get oooooooooold and moldy - I don't know how many birdy rattles I've made in my life but it was far too many. If you have a crocheting know. 

Here is a fun look into some creative crocheting.....some of it might be kinda weird but we like weird, right? I know I'm a weirdo.

LOVE. from knitsforlife on Etsy

from mynouch on Etsy

crochet it tiny...from MUFFA miniatures on Flickr

Toilet paper roll scarf from YarnGraphics on Etsy. 

crochet by Twinkie Chan - very fun.
I love the idea of crocheting something to display like this. These are oeuf ny crochet butterflies found on flickr.