Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Baby Smell!

This is my new little love...Samantha (Sammy)
I can't believe she is here!! I love her SO much!

Sammy's Birth Story: 
My first child was a hospital birth, my second was a home birth and my third was a birth center/water birth.
For baby #4 we decided to have a home birth again and everything went very smooth. I finally went into labor after being 10 days past my due date (not fun...time doubles after you pass the due date...so 20 days late! haha) 
It was the weirdest labor I've had, it's so true that every baby is different.  My contractions were getting very strong but they were never getting regular, I had a couple that were still 30 minutes apart. I finally called the midwives after i had some really strong contraction that was 6 minutes from the last one. Josh was on the phone with the midwives when I went to the bathroom to go pee and my water broke. After my water broke, there was very uncomfortable pressure but the contractions seemed to stop. I knelt down, pushed three times and out came our sweet 9 lb. baby girl. The midwives missed this birth. My sweet husband had already cleaned everything up and had me and the baby tucked into bed when the midwife got to our house. They checked over the baby and I, gave hugs and headed back to the birth center. Easy Peasy...haha, that's an exaggeration but still pretty true ( :

Sammy just a couple hours old...she was so cute and chubby already ( :

She's really excited to start modeling for me too ( :