Friday, July 30, 2010

Lady Lee's Bath House Emporium

For those of you in Fairbanks and surrounding area, I have wonderful and exciting news!

I get to have the privilege of being a featured artist at Lady Lee's Bath House Emporium!
This First Friday event will be held on August 6th from 5-8 pm. 
There will be snacks, loads of eye candy and great company!
                               Lady Lee's is located on the corner of 1st Ave and Cowles

This next first Friday (August 6th), the ladies of Lady Lee's and I will be here and we want to see you! Come by to see us, then walk around and see the other shops downtown - fun!

This adorable little place has all the goodies and I personally could spend hours here searching through all the neatos and soaking in all the inspiration.
Lady Lee's has all my favorites -
Antique jewelry, silverware, hardware, skeleton keys, quilts, embroidery, picture frames, trunks, clothes, accessories, photo, advertisements, comics.....they have everything!

Lady Lee's houses the collection of fourteen antique dealers, all of them with such great stuff!

Definition of Emporium: a store selling a wide variety of goods 

 What an awesome stroller!

 Oh! I love knobs!

 I have to, for your own good, encourage you to free yourself on August 6th
don't make me grab you by the ear and drag you (giggle)

See this above photo at Lady Lee's ( :

I found this great little collection of recycled materials craft projects that is really worth checking out - and maybe if you're inspired by any of the projects you can pick yourself up the supplies at Lady Lee's...just sayin  ( :

Click here to view the collection.

Here are my two favorite project ideas:
 Old rulers.....very neat idea
Make extra pretty fridge magnets with those amazing antique broaches or earrings - I love this idea.