Tuesday, July 27, 2010

8 in. Tissue Poms

2 sheets tissue paper
Paper Clip
A bit of yarn/string/thread

Step 1:
Fold tissue paper in half - long ways
Step 2:
Cut tissue paper along fold (to make 4 long pieces of tissue paper)

Step 3:
Fold one side in about 1.5 in., flip and fold again (the accordion fold) and again until you reach the end.

 Step 4: Get out your Paper Clip, unfold it and wrap it around the center of tissue accordion.
Step 5:
Fan one side out and start separating each tissue from the other - fluff it
Step 6:
Repeat Step 5 on the other end - more fluffing

Step 7:
add string if you want to hang where-ever you want

There are other things you...could....do

weird....anyway, I think these poms look great hanging anywhere and anytime - it doesn't have to be a party to hang these lovelies. I have 5 of them hanging in between my kitchen and dining room right now (see below) and they really make me happy....or maybe I just like to be ready to party anytime ( :

These do make great party decorations and they are wonderful to re-use because they still look great after being squished into a box and re-fluffed.