Monday, June 21, 2010

Etsy Craft Party

The Etsy Craft Party was a success! I had so much fun. I think and hope we will be able to do this ever year.

I said it was going to be a nice day despite the overcast morning and look at how nice it was!

Melody (our lovely hostess) and Jennifer made this awesome pinata for the kids (and me)

Here are the top contributors to the party - Me (helper), Jennifer (helper), and Melody (Hostess)
These girls are so much fun!

We were one of the top 50 parties with the most interest around the world so etsy sent us a box of goodies to help us through this party. That was can see the box of goodies here

Melody made Etsy's Birthday cake....Etsy is 5 years old now!
 All of us in disquise with the cake ( :

I set up my first display table here at this party. I had a bunch of fun putting it together

So glad some of my favorite people could make it! Thank you for coming everybody!

This was one of the best things at the party...besides the great people!
This gorgeous quilt is being made by Ann here in Fairbanks, AK..I wants it

I made these little peanut butter button cookies, they didn't turn out at all like they were supposed too (story of my baking life) but I think they are still pretty cute.
Find the trail to the recipe here

These were made by my sister-in-laws sister (Sarah) She always makes such neat and yummy goodies! I think the centers are chopped gummy worms, wrapped with rice crispy treats, wrapped with fruit roll up.

I have been meeting a lot of new people lately and I love it!
This is Kassandra and I..she beads on little baby socks. Such a friendly and sweet girl! You can see more of Kassandra here

Kate is such a goofy, funny, and cute lady! Loved meeting her at the party...see more of her here

Besides kissing birds we also did some crafting...
We had paper crafts set up inside
You could draw on porcelain 
You could screen print on fabric with a little screen design that etsy sent us.
You could make a t-shirt bracelet
and you could try needle felting under this cloud - as promised here is the cloud after people played on it

It's true....

you can see more photos from our party here
If you live in the Fairbanks and surrounding area, I hope you can make it to next years party!