Monday, May 10, 2010

I've been up to something......

A couple years ago I picked up a very large canvas painting at the dump - It had a broken frame and the painting was really neat, just not my style. Sooo....
We recently just finished painting the last bit of our home and while my husband was painting the living room white, I had him paint over that old painting (kinda sad). I really wish I had taken a photo of it, for old memories sake, before he painted over it. Oh well

Here is what she looks like now -
Don't you feel like standing up and doing a twirl around the room?  ( :

I had so much fun painting this and this is what it was for - silly fun!
I can't wait to paint over it again and do a different back drop - I'm going to get my husband to make me a pretty removable frame for it so that I can hang it up above my couch until I'm ready to  paint something different.....I'm thinking clouds and raindrops.....hmmm.......what do you think I should try?