Friday, May 7, 2010

I dig the dumps!

I think my title needs some explaining....

allow me to explain....

I LOVE stopping at the local trash dumps to peek at the re-use sections. I do it almost every time I go out and about. You see, I never just go out...I also go about. This drives my husband crazy. If I say I am going to Fred Meyers for diapers and bananas, he should know by now that I will also be stopping by to say hi to a friend, getting a coffee, and driving by the local dumps.

My definition of a true dump treasure:  It can be cleaned clean, I have a use for it, and it is FREE! I am a huge fan of free!

Here are a couple of my most recent dump finds/treasures:
Hand embroidered linens! Can't wait to make something beautiful out of them - like a quilt, jumper for my baby girl, or a little toy - can't wait to find out.
That little bear is so cute - so I brought it home and will be re-stuffing it before I give it to my little girl.

A big, beautiful, bright bed, bintage Bamsonite Bag (giggle)
I LOVE this - It has an old, stored for a long time, attic smell (which I love), it is very clean and has all its parts and pieces. It's my new craft bag ( :
This find reminded me of an etsy seller GetReadySetGo - you should really check her out if you like this bag.

Well, now you know my dirty secret, I dig dumps. Don't judge me!
Anyway, now I need to go start my roadkill stew and patch the hole in my sweat pants....just joking...but I do need to go.

Be talking to you again soon now, ya hear