Wednesday, April 28, 2010

YoYo's From Heaven

I have a tell to tale - ( :

A long long time ago....about 2 summers ago ('08) ( : my new mother-in-law was having a garage sale and had a very beautiful, very old, yoyo quilt for the finding. It would have been mine if I had only known - the only and last I saw of it was while watching a very happy garage sale-er walk away with it. I don't know for sure but I was probably drooling. I had never seen a yoyo quilt before but it was love at first sight.
I have been thinking about that yoyo quilt ever since and always hoped I'd come across another one.
Last Sunday (4/25/10) I was out with my mom for a girls day - we were celebrating our birthdays together like we always do around April/May, and I was telling her my yoyo quilt story - I told her how I could have had one and how I really, really hoped I could come across one again. I'm not sure if I had told anybody about the quilt since the garage sale.
I was driving to a friends house yesterday (4/27/2010) while talking with my mom on my cell phone. While driving down a little dirt road neighborhood, don't you know I saw a yoyo quilt outside in somebody's driveway (propped up on a wicker book shelf thingy). I stopped and stared...probably drooling again...I told my mom what I was looking at and started working up the nerve to go and knock on this strangers door and ask them about their quilt..even offer to pay what little I could muster.
I did it...
It didn't take very long to gather enough bravery to knock on this strangers door. (not something I would naturally do) I really wanted that quilt! I walked up to the door and knocked. A very friendly looking older lady answered the door with a quizzical brow - I introduced myself and told her what a fan I was of her little quilt sitting in her driveway. I was so happy to find out that she was going to just throw it away and I was welcome to take it off her hands. I'm sure I was probably grinning from ear to ear. I thanked her over and over again and walked away with my yoyo quilt

I got my daughters great little apple hair clip from jewllori on etsy
 It is mine!

It smelled a little muggy and was covered in cat hair but it washed up very nicely.

It's my early birthday present from God, Thank you!