Monday, March 8, 2010

Summer Gayle

So I've put together this blog in hopes that I would do a super job keeping up with it and alas...I haven't done the best job of it so far.
I've come to explain why. I believe that you will agree with me that my excuse is a pretty good one....not one you get to use everyday.

I had baby #3 on Feb 18th. A beautiful, healthy baby girl that we named Summer (a name my husband and I liked - Summer is also are first child - not born in the summer) Gayle (my Mamas middle name).
We love her very much and were able to decide right away that she was a keeper ( :

I am now working hard to shed extra Tara....about 15lbs worth of extra me - its needs to go away!

Here is the first photo of our whole family together -

Jordan (3), Galilee (1), Summer (0)

More Summer ( :
I'm not sure how EASY it was being pregnant for 9 mo. and giving birth to this sweet little bundle - but it was EASY to get pregnant and it is EASY to see that it was all totally worth it!

Love you Summer