Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Photos (Elisabeth headwrap and Loopy Hoody Cowl)

I'm still going through and updating old product photos...that lack (I just don't like a lot of them)

Today we had a photo shoot for the Elisabeth Headwrap and the Loopy Hoody Cowl (with and without ruffles...I love ruffles!) Both these crochet patterns are available in my etsy shop or on this blog (see left sidebar for crochet shop)

Here is an old photo of the Elisabeth Headwrap. It's the best modeled photo that I's definitely lacking. I didn't have a photo of the headwrap modeled by an adult either.

Here is what we shot today....

I forgot to get a picture of just Galilee in a headwrap by was super cold outside.

And then the Cowl....

Here are the old photos

Uck, I was big pregnant with baby Summer in this photo....I can tell that I smoothed out the bags under my eyes and....well, uck haha...
My sweet Galilee was so tiny! but the background was no good t'all.

Here are the new photos from today....(I still had the same cowls)

I think this next one is my favorite from today...
it's not the best one as far as quality and my hair is a bit goofy but it looks like we form a heart...this photo makes me that happiest.