Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet Jessica / Sharp Crochet Hook /

I'm so excited to introduce you to Jessica.
Jessica has an awesome product (the Sharp Crochet Hook), below is her interview (a very good read!) and she is doing a giveaway with us so keep reading because I bet'cha you'll want one of her crochet hooks!

Here's Jessica:

Who taught you how to crochet and how long have you been crocheting?
My mom taught me how to crochet when I was six years old. That means I've been  crocheting for 20 years! Wow!

What is your favorite yarn to crochet with?
My favorite yarn depends on what project I am doing. I love to use the size 3 crochet thread for crocheting edges on flannel baby blankets. Lately, I love to use the Caron Simply Soft yarn for baby blankets because it washes well, is really soft, and comes in really fun colors...but usually I just use whatever is on sale thought! haha!

Do you enjoy any other crafts? which?
I love all kinds of crafts. If I have time tonight I'm going to sew a little project for my daughters. It's a maze made out of fabric where you sew the walls of the fabric and use a marble to go from one end to the other. If it goes to plan, it will be a portable, quiet, somewhat educational toy for them to enjoy. 

Tara Note: She had time to make a maze....I have a photo of it too. Such a great idea! I think I'm going to have to make one too!

Last week I had my two older girls paint a 10x13 canvas black. Then I covered each girl's foot with white paint and put it on the canvas. I wrote on the top "The Taufer Ghosts" and "2011" on the bottom. I added an orange bow and googly eyes to the "head" of the ghost (the heel of the footprint). Hung it with a ribbon. Ehh, not the best craft to do with small children (black paint! yikes! why would I do that??), but the end result was dang cute!

Tara Note Again: I got a photo of this project from Jessica too....she was right, dang cute!

Tell us a little about yourself.
I married my husband when I was a senior in college, I've been married almost 7 years. I am lucky enough to have three beautiful, healthy daughters. My oldest is four years old. 
I don't do pets. I tried keeping a goldfish alive about a year ago, but it only lasted a few days. Luckily I've had better luck with my daughters! haha!

My personality.....I would like to think I'm this really great, super mature mom, but really I'm just a kid in a grown up body. I am probably more silly than my four year old at least half the time. Like, I heard this joke the other day and I laughed so hard: "What is Beethoven's favorite fruit?" "Ba-na-na-naaaaa." Or, the other day I had a "shopping cart race" with my four year old down the aisle at the grocery store. 
Likes....I draw with chalk with my girls in the driveway, ride bikes with my girls around the neighborhood, paint my girl's toenails, play in the sandbox with my girls, etc. I'm a stay at home mom, so most of my "likes" are doing what my daughters are doing. For fun (without my girls), I like to go to dinner with my husband or with my friends. Going out to eat is my favorite. I'm not that good of a cook, and cleaning up dinner after a long day is so not fun. My friends and I go out about once a month, and if we go out on a Wednesday we almost always go to Village Inn because it's their "Free Pie Night." (Free pie, another like!)

What is your favorite snack/dessert?
Great question! My favorite is the Ghirardelli brownie mix. I'm saving my box to make when I lose the last of the baby weight (I still have 8 pounds left!) So, while working on loosing the rest of the weight, I'm TRYING to be healthy, but I have such a sweet tooth, so it's hard. At night, I like to snack on chips and salsa (or if I feel energetic, I'll make bean dip!), or cold cereal. When I need a pick me up I go to the Andes Mints, Twix, or just straight up chocolate chips or chocolate chip cookies. 
This is going to sound gross, but when i was pregnant, all I wanted was pickle brownies. Brownies smothered in relish. Yum. 

How did you come up with the idea for the Sharp Crochet Hook?
I'm lazy. No really! I hate using more effort for something than necessary. I have been making a lot of the flannel baby blankets where you crochet an edging around it. 

I was just pushing a normal crochet hook through the fabric (I'm way too cheap to pay to get it hemstitched!) and I thought "THIS SUCKS!" So, the Sharp Crochet Hook was born out of my laziness, really. haha. It saves so much time and makes crocheting edgings much more enjoyable (and cheaper then hemstitching!)

Here it is: 

A little about the hook:
The Sharp Crochet Hook!! It is ideal for crocheting edges through fabric. The sharp pointed head glides through fabric and paper much easier than normal crochet hooks do. You can use it to crochet edges on all kinds of things - flannel baby blankets and burp cloths, socks, gloves, scrapbook pages, birthday cards, guest towels, etc. The best part of using the Sharp Crochet Hook is that you don't have to get it hemstitched (with the presewn holes), or poke holes through it before crocheting. It makes it quick and easy to crochet edgings through all kinds of fabric. 

Jessica was kind and so generous to send me one of her Sharp Crochet Hooks and I LOVE it!!

I had an old vintage bath towel that i've been using for little fabric crafts. I cut out a square and made a dishcloth. I can't tell you how happy I am with how it turned out, I loves it! This crochet hook pushes through the terry cloth much easier than a regular crochet hook and you know I'm all about EASY! I also took one of my other dishcloths and added another pretty edging to it (this edging is a free edging patterns that comes with the crochet hook). 

Cleaning up messes should be a little less ugly around here ( : 

Yep, I'm so happy with my new hook.

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