Thursday, February 17, 2011

My chairs needed some love

These are my the three messy people. I'm trying my best to teach them pick up after themselves and not to play with their food.

I can handle anything these guys throw at me but my dinning-room chair cushions were taking a beating. I had to do something! They were so messy that even if I had remembered to take a photo of them before I took the fabric off..I may have been too embarrassed to actually show you ( :

and so

I got myself some fabric

and some vinyl (I think it was 8 gauge vinyl)

and I re-covered my chairs!! They were very grateful and wouldn't stop thanking me (really makes what I do worth it all *tear*) 

Yes, I did cover the fabric with the vinyl and I really doubt it...but the couch might be next! haha 
Could this be the start of a sickness? I think my husband thinks I'm a crazy old lady now....but yesterday my child got raspberry jelly on the chair cushion and I, with a smile, took a wet rag and wiped it up. Yep, just like scrubbing or getting cleaner. It was amazing!