Monday, January 24, 2011

Create Project (Day 1)

I purchased a book for myself yesterday A Daily Creative Journal by Noah Scalin. Noah Scalin is maybe best known for his skull a day project (

This journal gives you 365 ideas to spark creativity....I LOVE IT.

That said...Day 1 says to make something that fits in the palm of your hand using only the material in your immediate environment.

I'm having trouble thinking outside of crocheting today so this is the silly thing I did.
I carved a crochet hook out of a toothpick. It is functional although it's pretty scratchy/catchy when used with cotton thread.
So then I was cleaning up my sons toys and

well....first the toothpick was stolen from me at gunpoint.

and then....
tisk tisk, using a peaceful crochet hook for violence...I was not impressed but entertained?? yes!

pffft....plastic men! ( :

I want to thank my husband for drilling a tiny hole through the hands of the plastic soldier 
and my baby-girl for helping me set up the mini photo shoot.