Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Crochet Pattern

I was having a terrible time coming up with a name for this pattern. So its name is Blah but true
Introducing......the Q & E (Quick and Easy) Earflap Hat. 

This is definitely the quickest hat pattern that I have.It will make a great last minute gift and I love that because I am such a procrastinator!

Procrastination is opportunity's assassin.  ~Victor Kiam

So true! 

any hoodehoo....

The pattern comes in all sizes: Newborn to Adult

You can add a Pom Pom to the top:

You can add Pom Poms to the bottom:

The Earflaps are long so you can just add a button to wrap the earflap around the chinny chin

Add Pom Pom and Tassels:

Well, as usual I am always very ready to move onto something new ( :

About that heart pattern I've been talking about - it's almost done too - I just found this hat more fun to work on and I always like more fun ( :