Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lists - Funny Baby Onesies

*Sleep is for the weak
*Don't Bother me, I'm downloading
*I don't smell anything
*Guess what I'm doing
*Tax deduction

 I only cry when ugly people hold me
If it tastes so good, let me see you eat it.
Milk Junkie
Kisses 25 cents
Center of the Universe             
Caution....I bite
Nobody sleeps until I'm ready
Class of 20-                                                                                               
My other carseat is in a corvette
No hair dayI don't floss
I can't read
I'd rather be naked
Does my head look big in this
Wipe my butt...sucker!
Mummy's little stalker
I came...I saw....I destroyed
Short, Fat, and Bold
Does this diaper make my butt look big?
I'm kind of a big deal
storm pooper
See Livelykids

So.....the EASY-est way I know of to use some of these funny phrases for baby/toddler onesies is to get yourself some fabric markers and scribble away on your own blank onesie/shirt canvas. 

Here is my scribble.....I'll tattle on myself and tell you that the colors I chose didn't go that well together so I chose to load up the black and whites.

This is my favorite design....I like to think my babies would draw the same ( :