Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mustache Disguise - Printable Template

I'm sure you have been seeing all the mustache stuff around - fun right? I've always wanted to make myself one but just never got around to it..(sigh)

I am excited to say that the mustache jumped its way to the top of my list and I finished them up today. 
Download the printable mustache template here

All you need is.....
*Mustache template
*Some firm craft felt - I got mine at Micheals (they were all out of brown)

Once you've printed the template....cut out the mustache(s) you would like to make and use them as a template to cut another stash out of the firm felt.

You should end up with these ( :

Now just glue (I used hot glue) your stick to the back of them and they are ready for the street test.