Friday, June 4, 2010

Put a Hanky on that Bottom

I've never been too into fashion and style - I like it - but do paisley handkerchiefs ever go out of style? I don't know about you but whenever I wear a handkerchief on my head I fell like I CAN do it.
Anyway, who says you have to wear them on your head - you can put them on your baby's bottom. This works great for these warm summer months.

Step one - Get yourself a hanky

Step two - Fold two sides in and place your baby on top of the folded handkerchief

Step three - Fold the hanky up and over and find all four ends of the hanky

Step four - Tie both ends in a double knot. Don't tie the knot too tight so that you can un-do them easily for a diaper change.

All done ( :

If you don't have a small bottom around to cover then you guys can just keep wearing them on your heads ( :