Tuesday, June 5, 2012


New Crochet pattern and pretty pictures. 

I can't believe how old my baby boy is getting!? Time does fly and it makes your children grow even if your not ready (i'm not ready!) 

so it's a good thing I have this baby...

 one more...

This pattern is very easy and comes in all sizes (Newborn to Adult) 

It is available for purchase on Etsy on Ravelry or on Craftsy (three is a charm right? - how charming)

The idea is to crochet a hat in a boring (is there such thing as a boring color? - i don't think so)...crochet  the hat in a neutral or basic color and then add a pop of color. So I decided to use gray and then used a light pink, hot pink and a dark dusty pink for the stripes....that's my pop of color! I want to try and make a hat with all the being different colors - not excited about weaving in the ends - but i'm sure it will be worth it! 

I'm still taking photo's and loving it. I have a wedding I get to photograph at the end of the month, I'm very excited about it. 

Here are two of my recent favorite photos: