Monday, December 19, 2011

More Updates - on a roll!

Got the Neck-warmer Headband Pattern redone and added some new photos. The flower is a little bit different. I added optional leaves and made the pattern a bit better for a better looking Rosette. It's not a rolled rose either - crochet it and weave in ends, no sewing.  : )

I thought the rosette would look really cute on a skinnier I added directions on how to make a skinny headband. Here is my little bald Christmas Angel!

This headband is the same pattern as the neck-warmer just with some color changing and made much thinner.

Pattern is for a neckwarmer, earwarmer and the skinny headband in three sizes: Baby (Child, Adult)

It's called the Neckwarmer Headband crochet pattern - that name is so boring and unimaginative, I know *hanging head in defeat*


I was also able to get some photo's of the adult size "Super Easy Cloche Brim Hat" too - I added a simple fabric band to it and really liked it!

I'm on a roll - and doing this pattern got me going with another idea, I'll be working on a new pattern this week. Hopefully I'll have something to show you before Christmas ( : 

Speaking of Christmas...I found this very cute mistletoe headband tutorial I thought you might enjoy (cuz I do!)

but be careful who  you wear this around....mkay?  find tutorial here: PinkSuedeShoe