Friday, October 7, 2011

Hanging Flower Tutorial and beautiful photos!

All the wedding photography below was done by 
Rebecca Kurber Photography

Rebecca did an amazing job and was so nice!
Check her out! especially if you live in Fairbanks or surrounding area.

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Such a fun wedding! My brother (front/right groomsman) was also in the wedding and my little Galilee was one of the flower girls (flower girl on the left)
One of my favorites of Laila and Ryan

Everything was perfect! I loved every minute of it, it was so awesome being able to be apart of it all. I really wish I could have helped out more with the wedding but little Samantha was born on August 10 and the wedding was the 27th but I got to make the flower girl tutus and these hanging flower decorations (see the two photos below)

Best wedding ever!!

The hanging flowers were really EASY and fun to make and I think they make great wedding/girl party decorations. So I put together a little photo tutorial so show you how easy it is.

Yarn needle
Green Yarn
Fake Flowers in pretty colors and their leaves
Some floral tape
Glue gun

Make sure your fake flowers have a hole through the center big enough for your yarn (most do)

Thread your yarn and then your flowers

I placed each flower around 7 to 12" apart....once the flowers are where you'd like them to be on your yarn, glue them in place with your glue gun. Then glue your leaves around the flowers if you want. If you have some ugly areas where you've glued them leaves to the yarn, you can wrap it with the green floral tape. Makes a very nice finish...and I love playing with floral tape (fun stuff!)