Friday, September 2, 2011


Family!! Nothing better than that. I wish I had a better understanding of how important family was when I was growing up. I used to go every summer to visit my dad in West Virginia...when I was 14 I stopped going, because of friends, sports and other stupid and selfish excuses. I regret that so much!
I didn't visit my dad again until I was married 4 yrs later and 7 yrs ago. I hope I can visit again soon!

When I think about how to raise my kids one of the most important things I want to teach them is how important it is to always put family first. To love, help and stick by eachother no matter what....I really hope I can accomplish this and my children will grow up and never be too far away from me or from eachother....because they don't want to be.
Source: think nice

We took family photo's a couple days ago. Our family has grown so much...wowzahs

Josh did so good setting up the camera with our Gorillapod (I love it!) and taking our family photos with the timer.

When all the kids are bigger, i'd like to try and get a photo like this.....looks neat and would be fun!
Source: Max Wanger

Hope you guys are enjoying your day and hope you will go give all your family (you can get to) a big hug....right now!