Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hi Everybody!! I hope this post finds you all living happily with a smile on your face and perhaps a crochet hook close by.

I'm waiting very un-patiently for the arrival of our baby (Due Date Aug 31st) and to pass the time, I've been crocheting and cleaning like a mad woman. I have a new pattern being tested right now and I'm almost done with a new pumpkin hat, I can't wait to show you!

I've also been soaking in some crocheting inspiration this morning...worthy of sharing!

I don't understand the crochet rock cozy but I do love them for some reason!!

Crocheting a rug with sheet yarn....I really like the idea!

 Love the tassels on this colorful crochet bunting!

I wish trees grew these colors! 

....interesting aren't they ( :

Now if you don't mind....think baby thoughts for me and hopefully I'll be able to introduce a new baby to you soon.