Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Mail and Other great stuff

Wha What!? Is that more Ponder and Stitch?...yes it is!! I picked myself out another cuff too. A friend of mine that recently moved away sent me a gift certificate to PonderandStitch as a Baby (pamper mama) gift.

I can't believe how sweet you are Jamie! Thank you!!

and here's the new cuff - I love these cuffs so much! and look at those stitches....flawless!

I think I might have to ask Amy to make a cuff for my daughter because she really wants to be just like mama.

I am so happy with everything, thank you again Jamie and thank you Amy for making great stuff! you know what is making me smile is some stuff to make us all smile!

these are kind of random but worth it  ( :
 From the innerhooker on etsy....whoa that's cute!

 Source - dzineblog360