Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Frilly Dress Upcycle - Frilly Skirt

I love skirts for my little girl and frilly/twirly skirts even better!

I came across this dress in a thrift store.
I'm not too excited about bibs and frill..everywhere. 
This dress, as is, is just too matchy matchy and poofy for my taste.  
but I loved the skirt on this dress and so...
I just cut the top off the dress, leaving enough fabric to fold down, and add elastic to make a simple, elastic waste-band. 

I wish I took more tutorial type photos for you but this is about all I have - I know, major fail! This post is meant to inspire more than teach...not to mention my sewing skills (and lingo) are almost non-existent.

The dress used to only fit my 1 yr old...now the skirt fits my 1 yr old and my 3 yr old.

I look at those outdated-overly frilly dresses much differently now.

I have to take a sec and say something about this amazing mural/shop in the background of these photo's. This mural was painted by Brianna Regan and Mark Leon on the side of Chartreuse. Chartreuse is a unique gem of a shop here in Fairbanks, AK. If you live here and haven't checked them out you definitely should!