Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monster Inspirations For the Monster, Dino, Alien, Bug and Things Crochet Embellishments Pkg

I'm so excited about the newest crochet pattern. The kids and I have been having way too much fun putting together and wearing these crazy hats. The crochet pattern includes a whole bunch of simple embellishments you can add to any hat to make a creature....Monster, Dinosaur, Alien, Bug or whatever!

I will be keeping track of the different monster hats I make here for inspiration to those that purchase the pattern.

This is the Max Sock Hat with #1 eyes attached to #21 Antennae. I also added #22 round of teeth.

This is the Cloche brim hat with 4, #16 spikes.

This is the Angela Hat with #2 Eyes, #8 for a nose and #13 ears. 

This is a modified Jack Hat (from the Jack and Jill Pattern) with #3 eyes, #18 horn, #12 ears (that looks like little flippers to me) and #23 row of teeth.

The Jack hat without stripes (from the Jack and Jill Hat) with #15 ears.....are you thinking Yoda too? but then I added a crazy big eye ball....#10 pupil with #5 eye.

This is also a modified Jack hat from the Jack and Jill crochet Pattern with a bit of blue hair added (not included in pattern) #21 Antennae, #7 eyes with #8 and #9 pupils, and #6 for the nose.