Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Crochet Pattern *Lael Viking Helmet*

Lael Viking Hat Theme Song - Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song:

My sister-in-law asked me to make a viking hat for her son a long long time ago...I finally did it. I turned out so cute, that I decided to work the pattern up for the pattern shop. I hope you guys like it as much as I do!

I haven't tried yet but I want to do this hat in a darker gray and add black tips to the horns - and then I will put it on every time I hear the immigrant song! aaahhhhhhhhhhaaaahhhhhh  aaaahhhhhhhhh!


  1. I would like to buy this pattern... but I'm curious, is it possible to do this with knitting? I've fairly new to knitting but I push myself constantly to do new things. Anyway, do you happen to have this pattern with knitting??

    1. I don't know if you can find a pattern but this lady managed to do it:

  2. Que pena que hayan quitado el video del gorro de vikingo , me hubiera gustado hacerlo para mi nieto .
    Pero aprovecho para agradecerte la generosidad que tienes de obsequiar tanto y tanto patrón .
    Te felicito por tu blog es grandioso!!!
    Un abrazo

  3. I would love to buy this, but I don't see a purchase button??

  4. Hi. I'm using your pattern and for some reason the raised elements look like they are going in a spiral and not evenly down the hat. Any advice for what might be going wrong? Thanks!

  5. I am having the spiral issue too. What are we doing wrong?

  6. Not sure there is anything you can do about this but as I was looking for your pattern I came across this page: I'm guessing you don't mass produce out of China. Your patterns are awesome and I hate that they get away with this.

  7. I'm sorry I cannot find your pattern. Do you have it posted?

  8. I'm looking too. Is it here? On Ravelry? Thanks!