Wednesday, September 22, 2010

La Dee Dah

I love blogging so much but you wouldn't guess that by how often I blog ( :

I've been so busy lately (same old story) trying hard to finish the things I need to do so I can do the things I want to do.

What's I've been up to...

I went over to a friends house and crocheted this Galilee scarf for my little Galilee. I had a very nice time, I was fed homemade scones (YUM!) with homemade rose petal and raspberry jelly. If you haven't tried rose petal jelly, you should, it's delightfully delightful!

I have a new pattern all finished but I decided to submit it to a crochet magazine and they accepted it!! So I'll let you know when the issue comes out.

But here is the new pattern I've been playing with, it should be done soonish - problems: eyes and beak are too big...need to play more for a nice look. I think I'll put directions for both a square and shaped owl hat with ear flaps....thoughts typed out-loud help.

I took this photo of my yarn stash too - yep that whole thing is packed full of yarn! It makes me smile and no, this isn't all of it...I have more (crazy)

This is a photo on my cork board that just makes me happy - it was a date night a while back. My husband and I got to go out alone (vierd!) and we had fun trying on some silly glasses at out local second hand store. Since then, I've been thinking about starting a collection of vintage/crazy glasses to wear whenever I want to.

Here is something else around my abode that make me happy - the blue patch of fabric is my favorite! I didn't make this but it's a handmade blanket that I came across - it charmed me I brought it home with me.

It's been so nice!