Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Favorite Cards - For Any Occation

I'm really not a big paper crafter - although I have seen some pretty cute stuff lately.
Anyway...the other day, a friend of mine brought my daughter a birthday present with a handmade card on it and I thought it was such a great little card. So I gave the card a good 'look'in over' and started making myself a bunch and I love them!
These are so EASY and fast to make and they beat paying $2-4 for a store bought card any day!

*Card Stock Paper in two colors
MC - Main Color
CC - Contrasting Color and back of card
*Tape or Glue

Step One:
Cut out a MC square/rectangle in the size you would like your card to be. Then cut out a CC piece that is the same height but about 4" longer.

Step 2:
Place your MC piece on top of your CC color piece and fold extra CC over the MC

Step 3:
Fold CC back over itself - leaving about 1-1 1/2" of it over the MC

Step 4:
Turn Card over and fold the CC down

 Step 5:
Secure the CC piece to the MC pieces to finish of your card.

The Card looks great as-is but a little embellishing is always fun!

 Cut or Punch a hole and add a photo ( :

Those Cardstock sheets tear real neat

I used a hole punch and cut some fabric ribbon about 1" thick, threaded ribbon through holes with a 
yarn needle and tied knots at the back of the card to secure.

Scallop the edges
A little figuring...
If you pay $1.00 for two large 12 by 12" page of card-stock and make four cards out of it - that's only $.25/card and it only takes about 5 min. (tops) to finish one.
If you buy the cardstock sheets in bulk it's even better - I bought a 58 multi-color pack of cardstock for $10 (it was on sale) and that works out to be about $.06/card (yahoo!)

This will satisfy our urge to stick with the lovely tradition of card giving but keep it smart by not over paying for something that has little worth (It's just gonna get thrown away) and if you have somebody that keeps all their cards - then I bet you (a little stereotyping here) that those type of people are handmade card type people ( :