Sunday, March 21, 2010

Please feel free to use my photos as long as you link back to the post they were taken from. I just ask that you give credit where the credit is due as I will always try my best to do for you and others.

I also share photos that inspire me from others. I do my very best to always link to the original source of the photo. So please, if you find a photo that is not mine off of my blog please link to the original source as well.

Patterns and Tutorials
The patterns, tutorials and words that are on this blog are copyrighted to me so please do not re-publish the words, patterns or photos as your own.
If you share your finished products from an EASY Pattern or Tutorial on your own blog or socials sites please give credit to this blog for the idea/pattern.

Selling Finished Products 
Please feel free to sell any finished products you make from an EASY Pattern or Tutorial (no large scale sales please). I just ask that if you sell the finished products online that you give credit to this blog with a link.
The patterns and Tutorials themselves are not to be re-written, re-sold, distributed or copied without permission. I really appreciate your understanding and cooperation.